Successful emergency response teams are trained, equipped, and compliant. With frustrating requirements constantly expiring at different times, Brigade IQ intelligently analyzes your ERT team's data for compliance "blind spots" and provides real-time "at-a-glace" audit-readiness scores.

Equipment Inspections

Teams overseeing fire apparatus, hazardous materials PPE, fixed-fire systems, fire extinguishers, fall protection, and SCBA can easily manage all daily, weekly, annual, and customized periodic required inspections and testing frequencies. Create site-specific inspection zones, targeted email alerts and automated capital budget replacement reports for all critical emergency response equipment. BrigadeIQ displays real-time readiness status of all tracked equipment.

Incident Analytics

BrigadeIQ tracks critical incident reporting globally across all sites, facilities and departments. With automated risk management analytics, visual severity trends are generated so corrective actions can be quickly identified and acted upon. Detailed statistics are automatically generated for OSHA logs and incident reporting. Go beyond just capturing incident occurrences, take charge of them with actionable results!

Job Performance

Brigade IQ tracks OSHA and NFPA job performance requirements(JPRs) to ensure individual team members are properly trained and qualified for designated qualifications. Whether your response team consists of firefighters, medical responders, hazmat specialists, confined space rescue technicians; or all the above, Brigade IQ easily tracks, organizes and connects the required JPRs required for response team qualification and compliance.


Industrial facilities that oversee Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) are required to provide training based on the scope of their duties. Brigade IQ's report generator ensures facility management is able to quickly identify compliance gaps in training attendance, individual performance, and required response team qualifications.


Reduce the hassle of burdensome training records and bulky spreadsheets. Since NFPA and OSHA both require training documentation must be accessible for inspection, and inspected annually, Brigade IQ comprehensively organizes all your response team training records and automatically connects them to facility compliance reports.


Confidence or Chaos. The choice is yours!

BrigadeIQ is a cutting-edge platform that intelligently connects compliance to prevent potential violations and gaps in your emergency response plan.

Take the guesswork out of compliance and focus on what matters most: Protecting your people and your business!
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100% Confident Compliance.

If you are frustrated tracking all the complex compliance requirements for your emergency response team, BrigadeIQ can help. BrigadeIQ guides facilities through the complicated compliance process to ensure response team members are qualified and equipped to safely handle unforeseen facility emergencies.
Act TODAY for 100% confident compliance because the risk of non-compliance is simply too great to ignore.

Intelligently Connecting Compliance.